Python Meetup - April 2016

September 3, 2020

Join our Python meetings at the Sophilabs facilities in Montevideo.

Developers, DevOps, system administrators, students and enthusiasts, you are invited!

If you are interested in Python as a language to work on typical System Administration problems, DevOps or you just enjoy those hallway talks about how that crazy backend implementation was solved… then this is your meetup.

We want you to be one more node in our knowledge cluster. Open WiFi, Open Knowledge, Open Beer.

Jenkins is a highly customizable tool for building CI / CD pipelines, as such it’s really important to have a straight methodology to reproduce any job at any given point of time.If we happen to introduce any errors, it’s fairly relevant to track down the issue and isolate it as soon as possible.That’s even more important when it comes to deployment in an upper environment such as staging and production.In order to achieve this we propose an approach by using Jenkins DSL (jenkins domain specific language).The only drawback to this scheme is how to migrate current jenkins implementations.

That’s when Python comes to our help.

In this talk I'll present a fairly simple, nonetheless useful, script to translate any existing Job onto Jenkins DSL.

Presenter: Rafael Alvarez. (aka. rafa)

Join us!