Guarantee your success with the top 3% of qualified engineers.

Our candidates are passionate about delivering high-quality, client-focused services, are committed to the work they do, and have excellent technical and communication skills.

100% of the Applicants Finding the Best Talent

We process hundreds of applicants' resumes per week to find the ones with exceptional skills and outstanding experience.

Our selection process is designed to identify candidates who:

  • Are 100% bilingual

  • Have relevant experience

  • Scored in the 90th-percentile on technical assessments

  • Have excellent communications skills,

  • Are passionate about delivering high-quality, client-focused services

  • Are located in Latin America, facilitating collaboration with teams in the U.S. during normal working hours

Top 11% of Applicants In-Depth Technical Assessments

Skills Assessment

Since candidates often specialize in particular skills such as React, Angular, Javascript, Python, Django, .Net, QA, or DevOps, we use the Sophilabs Smart Test™ to pinpoint their proficiency level with extreme accuracy.

Sophilabs Smart Test™
As it receives answers from an applicant, the test automatically adapts to the candidate’s skill level. This allows the test to evolve so that the questions best suit each applicant.

English Assessment

This assignment, assessed by native speakers, is designed to gauge a candidate's level of spoken and written English. It ensures that they have achieved the level required for high performance and effective communication with peers.

Top 7% of Applicants Expertise & Communication

Expert Interview

A team of in-house expert engineers conducts an interview to assess a candidate’s skills and see how they solve problems in real time. They evaluate the candidate’s attitude in addition to checking their experience with past projects.

Communication Skills

This stage includes social and behavioural questions to make sure applicants not only have experience and know-how, but that they will also be a good fit for client teams.

Top 3% of Applicants Evaluation & Hire

Onboard Candidates

Only the top 3% of applicants complete the weeks-long process we designed to acquire the best candidates.

By the end of this stage, candidates are ready to join client teams and boost their project.

  • Moneythink

    The team is communicative and flexible, and they’re great at meeting deadlines while staying within budget. Additionally, they have excellent quality engineers and very clear processes.

    Sara O’Hearn, Director of Product

  • We work with a lot of different engineers, but it was comforting that these resources had the necessary skills to do the work, the right attention to detail, and were invested in our end goal of trying to improve.

    Aziz Alghunaim, Co-Founder

  • Their responsiveness made our project a success for all parties. We are very happy with the technical know-how and service provided by Sophilabs.

    Aydin Acar, CEO

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