Product Management ConsultingAchieve your product goals.

We'll guide you as you define your product roadmap or help your organization adopt Agile practices.

What We Offer

Our product management consulting services provide value at any point in the development process.

Product discovery

In a series of workshops, we'll work together to define the product vision and desired outcomes, identify opportunities to achieve them, decide on key priorities, understand users' needs, and come up with a high-level plan.

Agile Coaching

We'll help your team evolve and adapt its mindset and culture, striving for optimal efficiency and value creation. We'll look for blockers and help you implement changes that make sense for your organization.

Product DicoveryFind the right solution before you build it.

Product discovery ensures your product will truly fulfill user needs. Align stakeholders, anticipate challenges, and produce a product roap map, all before a single line of code is written.

  • Cut Costs

    We'll guide you through every step, from defining the product vision to outlining the MVP.

  • Save Time

    A clearly-defined scope and road map keep everyone on the same page about where you're going and how you'll get there, accelerating time-to-market.

  • Reduce Risks

    Preparing for potential problems minimizes the chances of future issues. In addition, understanding users' needs, goals, and journeys contributes to the product's success.

Customer Story Aligning Stakeholders at Amgen

We helped this multinational biotech company gather input from over 30 stakeholders and come up with a unified product vision and road map.

  • Noel Gomez
  • Amgen

    Sophilabs succeeds in making thoughtful and practical suggestions to improve product quality, ultimately resulting in error-free products.

    Noel Gomez, Data Science Lead

How It Works

We'll guide you through every step, from defining the product vision to outlining the MVP.

We lead a series of workshops to get you on track to create an amazing product that meets your business goals. Every stage is designed to deliver valuable insights that inform the product's development.

  • Project Goals & Current Landscape

    We examine why we are here and how our solution will be different. We align stakeholders on the business objectives and define measurable outcomes.

  • Identify Opportunies to Drive Outcomes

    We ideate solutions, articulate constraints, define what’s not in scope, and agree on what’s important.

  • Prioritize Opportunities & Define the MVP

    Together with stakeholders, we determine the scope of the MVP. We also illustrate user journeys and come up with a road map for the product.