How does the staff augmentation process work?

Gimena Aguerreberry
August 19, 2021

Staff augmentation has become an invaluable option in the IT staffing services market due to the challenges of living in a world with severe restrictions from the pandemic.

The general trend of globalization has inspired a lot of businesses to hire remotely. But unfortunately, businesses might experience a new barrier to their recruiting route; the global market for skilled talent has been tightening for years, and finding the right team members is increasingly difficult.

The talent pool for extremely qualified professionals is quite restrictive, so staffing difficulties have become a routine. To overcome this challenge, staff augmentation is the solution.

Designed to address business needs, augmented staff provides companies with experts with the right education, experience, and skill set.

IT staff augmentation allows a company to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. Resources are employed by the staff augmentation firm.

When Is Staff Augmentation the Right Model?

Project Length

While Staff Augmentation can help to meet the demands of an organization in unique ways, it’s not a perfect solution in every scenario.

Staff augmentation services are typically best utilized in shorter-term projects. It could still make sense for an enterprise to engage a contingent worker on longer projects, in which case project outsourcing would be a better option than team augmentation. Often, staff augmentation providers are able to manage both scenarios depending on the project requirements.


Some projects involve critical intellectual property. Staff augmentation solutions should be carefully evaluated in these instances.

However, the rationale for that decision is more often attributable to psychological comfort than hard evidence. Objectively, an agreement signed with a contractor is as bulletproof as one signed with a full-time employee.

How does the Staff Augmentation Process Works

Staff augmentation works almost like any outsourcing strategy that you may encounter. But still, it’s quite different from other outsourcing models.

Consider if you are going to onboard a resource from any staff augmentation business. Firstly, you need to fully explain your project along with its development and deployment phase. You are then needed to give the job description (JD) and resource expectations in terms of the performance of your development team, working hours, duration, etc. After you have given the job details, the staff augmentation company ensures complete integration with your project. They will get you the greatest talent for that job available in the market to fill your skill gaps while reducing costs and time on hiring and training employees.

Make Staff Augmentation Work For Your Business

The staff augmentation model can be highly effective if implemented correctly. Here is a list of the ways that you can augment your team with external resources on a short-term basis for long-term success.

1. Select projects that have limited time requirement

Staff augmentation works best for one-time projects, as we’ve already mentioned. Typically it is software development projects that are the most viable option to avail the benefits of staff augmentation. If you are looking to develop a website or a mobile app, staff augmentation is a better alternative.

Hiring a developer on a project basis is a better decision as compared to hiring one on a full-time basis for a project that is going to be one-time only.

2. Identify talent gaps within your organization

Whether it is evaluating the existing project needs or laying down the plans for new projects, performing a talent audit within the company would help in identifying the current talent deficits.

Once you have identified the gaps, you need to determine whether the resource is necessary on a long-term basis or if the requirement is just limited to the particular project. In the case of the latter, staff augmentation is the way to go for bridging the gap.

3. Identify unique skill-set requirement

Once you have determined the specific skill-set and project role you are looking to hire for, the process of finding a partner to make the right talent available to you begins. The company that you partner with is tasked with sourcing the right talent, thoroughly vetting them to ensure that you build a quality product at a faster rate.

The staff hired on a short-term basis also has the added advantage of being more experienced in handling similar projects such as yours and bring their own skill sets to the table which is an added advantage.

The breadth of knowledge of developers who face diverse challenges by working on different sets of projects is definitely more than one who has been working on a single project for a longer period of time.

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