The Javascript Meetups arrived in Uruguay

Sebastián Sassi
January 16, 2013

The first JS Meetup organized in Uruguay took place in the Universidad Católica del Uruguay last 6th December 2012. Despite the huge downpour we had that day, It was a successful event with 35 javascripters attendees who watched three marvelous presentations about Object Oriented Programming with Javascript, Knockout.js and Node.js.

First Montevideo JS Meetup
First Montevideo JS Meetup

The organizer of the Meetup was Pablo Ricco, Sophilabs and Universidad Católica were the official sponsors of the event. As in every meetup, help from any other volunteer and sponsors is highly appreciated.

The first talk about Object Oriented Programming with Javascript was given by Gabriel Chertok a senior web developer with huge experience creating web applications on ruby on rails using javascript, and with a solid background on J2EE. It was very motivating and enriching. He explained the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of using prototypes and closures on Javascript, something that every good javascript programmer should know. You can find the slides here.

The second presentation was performed by Bart Calixto, a senior ASP.NET MVC developer with large experience on javascript, specially on knockout, jQuery and sammy. He is also well known on the community because of his articles about configuration of iPhone on Uruguayan TelCos. His presentation was focused on how to create a SPA (Single Page Application) using Knockut, it was very handy and interesting. You can find the tutorial here, and here you can check how the application will look when it is finished.

Lastly, we were delighted by a talk lead by Eduardo Veiga about NodeJS. He presented the express framework, and mongoose as the main ORM. The talk showed the pros and cons of node.js, as well as how to start a basic node.js application, the classic “hello world”. Many attendees were curious about the technology and motivated to begin to explore a new world that sounds very promising.

Everyone was invited to continue developing this community in Uruguay. Javascript is one of the technologies most widely used over the world so creating a group of javascript users that encourages continuous research and the creation of better web applications must be good.

This meetup is going to be organized on the first Thursday every two months, so the next one will be on next 7th February. See you there!

"The Javascript Meetups arrived in Uruguay" by Sebastián Sassi is licensed under CC BY SA. Source code examples are licensed under MIT.

Image by sophilabs.

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