The first PyCon in Uruguay

Sebastián Sassi
December 19, 2012

Sophilabs is proud of being one of the sponsors of the first PyCon Event in Uruguay that took place on November 10th-11th 2012 in LATU, Montevideo. Sophilabs participated as sponsor of the Conference, and some team members helped on the organization and site’s construction. Pablo Ricco helped developing the website that can be found on PyConUy, Martin Prunell helped on the organization and Sebastian Sassi gave a talk about how to isolate Development Environments.

The experience was fantastic, we met friendly people in the community, we learned a lot about Python, and of course we tried to make that attendees know a little bit more about what we do at Sophilabs 😉

The first meetings were organized by the PyUy Group, the mailing list that covers different topics related with Python in Uruguay and the region. Several geeks joined the meetings and ended up organizing this Conference all together.

The event organizers did an excellent work, there were more than 250 attendees and more than 10 talks from speakers coming from Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Sweden and of course, Uruguay. Thanks to the sponsors, the event registration was free, so everyone could attend, specially the young programmers that use their OLPC (Plan Ceibal) notebooks to create applications with Python on Sugar.

We had great talks about Tryton, Raspberry PI, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Puppet & Vagrant, Backbone.js, Tastypie, BioPython, 2D/3D rendering, among others. See the complete list here.

All Martin, Pablo and Sebastián found this experience very valuable, we are noticing how every year more people is joining the community and the reason for that is that Python has good values to support that every programmer should encourage if they want to create beautiful software.

Next year we will be definitely promoting this event again, and Sophilabs will be probably sponsoring it one more time. Hope we can meet you their and chat about technology, trends and what we love: Python.

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"The first PyCon in Uruguay" by Sebastián Sassi is licensed under CC BY SA. Source code examples are licensed under MIT.

Photo by sophilabs.

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