5 Reasons You Should Learn Python Now

Gimena Aguerreberry
May 19, 2021

Have you considered taking the plunge and learning Python? If you want to code, Python is one of the most popular teaching languages to learn.

What's the reasoning behind this growing popularity, and why should those interested in data science consider adding this skill to their repertoire?

Below, we're sharing 5 major reasons you should start learning Python right now, from its manageable learning curve to its high compatibility with many devices.

1. The Learning Curve is Manageable

Using Python is a high-level skill that is relatively easy to learn. It's no surprise that it's consistently rated as one of the easiest languages by community groups, educational organizations, and tech news sites.

Why? Anything written in python is elegant. Python is easy because you can express more functionality in ways that are clearer and simpler than any other language.

Programming is a hard skill to learn, and dealing with a high barrier of entry can be enough to make someone quit. If you want to learn a skill that won't feel like pulling teeth the whole time, you should definitely consider Python.

2. The Skill is Multi-Functional

Python is known as what's called a "general-purpose language." This means you can use it to do just about any data science function that a programming language has the power to do.

Here are a few examples of what Python can do:

  • Big data analytics that tracks website traffic

  • Machine learning or artificial intelligence applications, like with IBM's Watson SDKs

  • Running scripts to make any redundant task automated

It's incredibly helpful to have a team of software developers and data scientists that speak the same language; development time is reduced, and collaboration increases. And it's easy to get everyone on your team familiar with Python quickly.

3. Can Be Used With a Variety of Devices

Python goes beyond your work desktop computer. The code works even from small devices, meaning there's potential for things such as mini robots, appliances, remote controls, and so much more. That is due in part thanks to Python's object-oriented programming (OOP) features that can help to build individual objects.

Small-form devices like Raspberry Pis can run Python, and there's even a smaller version of the language, MicroPython, that is even leaner than the original and was designed specifically to run on embedded tech devices.

Its cross-platform functionality can become a gateway to putting the power of technology into our own hands. If you know Python, you have the power to build just about anything you want.

4. There's a Strong Community Base

Python was first created back in the 90s by a man by the name of Guido van Rossem. While most programming languages that date that far back didn't make it very long, Python is the exception to this rule.

It has always been an open-source program, meaning it's free for anyone to use, even commercially. Since it's free, it has developed a large following in its open-source community filled with tech enthusiasts who are committed to spreading the Python language as far and wide as they can.

Just to prove it, attend the next Python meet-up in your area, and you'll see just how massive this community really is.

5. Make More Money

The main reason many people learn the Python program is to make more money, and there should be no shame in that. Software engineering in general is a well-paying field, with most programmers making twice the median salary for individual earners.

Python developers that live in Silicon Valley or other major tech hubs can make much, much more. If you want to become a top earner, try to secure a spot within Machine Learning, Web Development, or Data Science departments.

While most software developers are in it for more than the money, it's not a bad perk. Most people do it because it's what they love, but it doesn't hurt to be able to provide for yourself or support your family with the money you bring home.

When it comes down to it, if you want to learn how to develop software, you'll be in a good spot if you wind up with Python as your language of choice. On average, they make more than other software developers. Just by simply choosing this language over another, you can greatly boost your earning potential.

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