Analytical Skills with Examples for your Resume

Gimena Aguerreberry
August 13, 2021

Analytical skills are the abilities that allow you to collect, organize, visualize, and assimilate data. They let you see patterns, draw conclusions, and find solutions. That’s why it’s very hard to find a job offer where analytical skills aren’t listed among the employer’s requirements.

Analytical skills consist of a set of abilities. That's why we’re talking about skills, not a single skill. They can be treated as an umbrella term for a set of different abilities.

Testing Analytical Skills

If you were to test for analytical skills you might be asked to take a series of events and put them in proper sequence, look for advertisement inconsistencies, or read an essay with a critical eye.

There are generally standardized tests used as a guideline. In all instances, analytical skills require you to dissect a problem and then find a solution for that problem.

There are many skills required within a company and its workforce, but analytical skills are essential in every organization.

Interview questions to determine your analytical skills

The following are some job interview questions to probe these skills of a candidate.

  1. What would be the steps you would follow to study a problem and then make a final judgment on it?

  2. Talk to me about a time when you discovered a more efficient method to carry out a particular work-related task.

  3. Can you give me an example of a smaller problem than you identified and fixed before it could turn into a major problem?

  4. Do you recall a problem you analyzed that required a quick and easy solution?

  5. What is the most complex analytical assignment you have undertaken to date?

it's best to highlight these skills when you're applying and interviewing for jobs. Consider the following:

  • Adding relevant skills to your resume: Keywords are an essential component of a resume, as hiring managers use the words and phrases of a resume and cover letter to screen job applicants.

  • Highlighting skills in your cover letter: Mention your skills and give specific examples of a time when you demonstrated those skills.

  • Provide examples in your job interview: They can be from past work, volunteer, or school experiences.

Top Analytical Skills to Include on a Resume

1. Critical thinking skills

Although this is often confused with analytical thinking, it’s still important to show the employer that you possess critical thinking as it supports analytical skills.

Example: "When faced with challenges, I think critically to analyze the best approach and overcome obstacles."

2. Problem Solving

Show how you were faced with an issue and used analytical thinking to come up with a solution. A problem solver is always a great addition to any team.

Example: "Adept at solving complex problems by utilizing a combination of research, creativity, and critical thinking."

3. Planning

Planning and organizing an event, presentation or campaign is an excellent way to show analytical skills.

Example: "Possesses the ability to prioritize important tasks and projects to help increase overall productivity."

4. Research

Conducting research and digging for facts to come up with a conclusion. This really stresses analytical skills.

Example: "Possesses an in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices, as well as the ability to seek support through research and outreach when needed to effectively complete tasks."

5. Complexity

Handling something complex or technical shows analytical skills as it requires much thought, knowledge, and analysis.

Example: "Developed a guide to easily explain complex principles for students."

Final Thoughts

A myriad of workplace scenarios requires the use of analytical skills. Everything from the basic brainstorming of ideas to solving complex problems utilizes analytical skills.

Employers don’t expect their employees to know everything. However, they do expect them to be able to try and figure out what to do whenever they’re unsure about something or don’t know where to start with a specific project or task. Showcasing the ability to perform in this way on your resume means analytical skills must be included.

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