Key Benefits of Using the Agile Methodology

Gimena Aguerreberry
May 21, 2021

Agile methodologies have become a vital factor in development testing and ensuring customer satisfaction in recent years. Agile project management has led to high-quality Agile teams providing continuous improvement in teams delivering business results.

Here, we examine the benefits of Agile project management and consider how Agile methodologies can ensure your team understands how these frameworks lead to continuous improvement and maximum customer satisfaction.

1. Streamlines and Enhances the Development Process

Agile project management involves a set of processes and practices that center the people doing the work. Agile methodologies build on the principles of The Agile Manifesto, developed by 17 software developers.

The core of this manifesto was to prioritize people over processes, interactions over tools. Rather than starting a project based on the development teams and resources available, the benefits of Agile project management start with intensive customer consultation and flexibility.

The Agile method streamlines product development. The teams will have a clear map of the client's vision, and a product backlog with all the product features the client might wish to see. With this backlog, the team works on developing various iterations, or Sprints, to expand on each subset. Teams deliver these sprints for an overall continuous cycle in the development process.

The result is a streamlined process that creates a direct line between the customer's vision and its manifestation.

2. Improves Cross-Functionality of Agile Teams

In the Agile method, the product owner will see improvement in the cross-functionality of their teams. Part of this improvement comes from working with a Scrum master.

Scrum is an empirical framework that lets teams establish a hypothesis and then experiment with it. At the heart of this process is a set of values focused on team members' commitment to the team goals, courage to meet challenges, focus on the vision, openness about the work and challenges, and respect for one another.

A Scrum master can ensure that the team understands the development process. This person ensures project team members remain focused on making product features and ensures development testing prioritizes increased customer satisfaction and high-quality product features.

Project team members know that high-quality product features are what pay their bills. The Agile methodology will ensure your team understands this and increase work production and cross-functionality within your teams. Your project team members will thank you for their increased drive in work production and high-quality development testing.

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction

The relationship between the product owner, team members, and the customer is at the core of the Agile method. If you're too focused on delivering business results in terms of hard numbers and work production, you may overlook customer satisfaction — which is vital to delivering business using the Agile method!

As the product owner, you stand to gain a lot by using this approach. A high-quality, streamlined development process will produce results that suit you as a product owner and reflect what your project team has accomplished using Agile methodologies. Plus, you'll see your customer satisfaction ratings increase — this is vital for any business!

As noted, the Agile approach delivers a high-quality development process because it starts with the customer's vision. The benefits of Agile project management will ensure that work production is always super-efficient and in line with the client's vision with every new sprint.

3. Creates a Process of Continuous Integration

Continuous integration (CI) is a core component of Agile project management that involves automating code integration.

Automation ensures precision, as it asserts the correctness of a line of code before introducing it into the development process. It's a more efficient way to build on product features since team members can quickly integrate new code changes.

CI also encourages team members to pool all aspects of the development process. It allows team members to groupthink how development testing can best enable product features. And, this automated process speeds up development, which equates to high levels of customer satisfaction.

As mentioned, Agile project management includes making sure a project team understands that product features are at the forefront of delivering business. Continuous integration is a strategy that focuses on your project team working through a high-quality development process and ensuring that team members understand the endgame of work production.

4. Improves Focus on Product Features

Using the Agile method ensures that the project team understands that high-quality product features drive customer satisfaction ratings and help with delivering business.

If your project team understands that the development process hinges on customer satisfaction, your work production will be far more focused. Agile teams will deliver business rather than just messing around with code. It is a significant benefit of Agile methodologies.

All team members need to incorporate these methodologies to increase work production. Alongside continuous integration, robust product features are among the benefits of Agile project management.

Conclusion: Including Team Members Is Vital to Agile Methodologies

Yes, a scrum master can improve your work production. Yes, continuous integration can mean improved efficiency and that the project team understands its role in the development process better. The key is making sure that your project team understands why the methodology is beneficial.

Development testing is all about finding an approach that maximizes customer satisfaction, incentivizes team members, and makes product features the best that they can be. If you can understand the Agile approach, you can get your project team members delivering business constantly while your project undergoes continuous improvement across the board!

"Key Benefits of Using the Agile Methodology" by Gimena Aguerreberry is licensed under CC BY SA. Source code examples are licensed under MIT.

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