Natural Language ProcessingGet the most out of text and audio data.

Automatically analyze content to better understand and reach your target audiences.

What can you do with NLP?

Natural language processing (NLP) allows for analysis of large amounts of unstructured data in ways that contribute to your business objectives.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Mine social media and reviews to understand how your target audiences feel about your products or services.

  • Customer interactions

    Analyze customer calls and emails in order to track common pain points and improve your offerings.

  • Accurate searches

    Make your search function smarter by enabling it to predict user intent and consider relevant contextual information.

  • Reading recommendations

    Suggest content for your readers based on what they have viewed in the past, driving continued engagement.

  • Machine translation

    Knock out language barriers with automatic translation and unlock new audiences.

  • Organize docs by topic

    Automatically cluster articles in groups by subject matter to facilitate navigating the archives.

  • Precise summaries

    Never miss an update: save time and energy with automated briefs and report highlights.

  • Question answering

    Named-entity and fact extraction allow the system to quickly retrieve answers to users' questions.

  • Manage support tickets

    Efficiently extract and classify information so tickets can get to the right place and be resolved quickly.

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