Customer StoryDelivering Influential Data with Oxford Economics

We built a brand new website, customer portal, and mobile app, crafting an optimal user experience in which relevant economic analysis is always easily accessible.

About Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics is a global advisory firm that provides critical economic analysis to over 1,500 international corporations, financial institutions, government organizations, and universities. Their clients rely on their online platform to access reports, forecasts, and models that inform important decisions.

Challenge A Problem Providing Core Services

When Oxford Economics first contacted us, their website was using outdated technology that rendered it incapable of giving users the time-sensitive, event-driven data they needed. In addition, the platform lacked a streamlined process for economists to upload and organize information.

Solution A New User-Friendly Website

The fast, modern website we built reflects Oxford Economics’ position as a leader in forecasting and analysis. More importantly, it makes Oxford Economics’ core services more accessible and convenient for customers.

Solution A Customer Portal for Personalizing Content

A crucial part of the new website, the customer portal allows users to have more control over their content. Subscribers can search the database and receive real-time updates on their topics of choice.

Solution An Improved Importer for Economic Reports

We created a way for economists to easily upload their reports in a web-friendly format. They can even upload documents automatically with an MS Word plug-in. The system then tags and categorizes the reports, making it simple for customers to find them.

Throughout our ongoing partnership with Oxford Economics–seven years and counting–we've worked with them to make sure they have the software tools they need as they grow their business. Over 30,000 economic reports are delivered via their platform daily. Today, we continue to work on making their system faster and even more robust so that their customers can receive the analysis they need as quickly as possible.

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