Customer StoryHelping Shoppers Stay Savvy with Influenster

We worked together with Influenster to build a new website that provides a streamlined, state-of the art experience for millions of users.

About Influenster

Influenster is a community of consumers who share their opinions on a wide range of products. Their platform hosts user-generated reviews and Q&A in addition to connecting client brands with their target audiences through exclusive deals and Voxboxes of sample products. Influenster harnesses the power of genuine recommendations and honest feedback to create a valuable resource for consumers and brands alike.

User-Centered Solutions

Our first step was to make sure that we were creating a website where users could easily get the most out of what Influenster offers. We worked together to define user journeys and gain a thorough understanding of how users interacted with their current website. This informed how we designed and built the main features on their new platform.

We also helped them improve their processes in order to both deliver value sooner and set them up for long-term success. We introduced them to best practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery. We helped them define their development and deployment processes, and we coached them in Kanban to enhance efficiency. We implemented regular code reviews and used linters to ensure all code was high-quality and well-organized.

Today, Influenster's community of over 5.5 million users have written over 38 million product reviews and more than 8 million Q&A. Their platform continues to experience incredible growth, with approximately one million new reviews every month. It's exciting to see how this website helps so many consumers find the right product for them, and we're happy to have been a part of helping Influenster achieve their goals.

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