Customer StoryHelping People Get the Most Out of Their Photos with Cobbl.

About Cobbl

Cobbl is an easy-to-use platform that allows people to share and collaborate on photo boards with customized privacy settings. Unlike other photo-sharing apps, Cobbl provides a more private experience and prioritizes image quality over features like comments and reactions. Individuals and businesses alike love how Cobbl makes it simple to moderate photo boards and control who can view and add content. When Cobbl asked us to work with them as an extension of their own team, we were excited to jump on board.

Customer-Focused Solutions Top-Notch Features for Web and Mobile

We helped Cobbl develop a range of great features for web and mobile so that users can enjoy a complete solution from any device. One especially important feature we built is the app’s ability to automatically detect unsafe content (e.g., violent or adult themes) and hide it from view until an administrator of the photo board can review it. The comprehensive control that features like this one provide make Cobbl especially attractive for organizations and businesses looking to build their brands with carefully-crafted photo boards.

Solution Delivering the Ideal User Experience

Cobbl needed an intuitive interface, so we worked on adapting and modernizing their front end to bring users the very best experience. We also strove to improve the efficiency of the user experience. Sharing photos and photo boards is remarkably straightforward, no matter the user’s level of digital literacy. We also made it possible for users to integrate their calendar with their Cobbl account so that they can automatically upload photos of scheduled events. In addition, we worked on a feature that detects and displays metadata like the time and location in which a photo was taken, allowing board administrators to sort content more easily.

Images are a powerful way for both individuals and organizations to share important moments and build a community. Cobbl offers an easy, fun, and effective way for users to share and collaborate on images while remaining in control of important factors like safety and privacy. We’re happy to have helped Cobbl realize their vision, enabling users to take full advantage of this beautifully simple solution.

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