Customer StoryBoosting Security with Auth0

We helped Auth0 deliver quality authentication services by designing their sign-in widget, coding the Support Center, building the Admin Panel, developing seven different extensions, adding automated testing, and creating their Python and Node.js libraries.

About Auth0

A global leader in authentication services, Auth0 was founded with the vision of providing secure access to any application in one click or less.

They provide a simple and scalable platform for developers to address identity requirements and ensure safe logins. These building blocks can be adapted to any application, no matter the language or tech stack.

We first started working with Auth0 in 2012, and we solved a lot of key challenges together over the next seven years.

Collaboration #1 Creating Core Features

One of Auth0's Guiding Principles is that their platform must be extensible. When we began collaborating, they needed to build a product that any client could customize to their needs. As part of attaining that goal, we designed Auth0's sign-in widget, a pivotal component of their secure solution.

Collaboration #2 Facilitating Customer Service

Another pillar of Auth0's platform is to put developers first, as they are the ones scaling and adapting the platform to the necessary requirements. The Auth0 Support Center is one important way that they achieve this. When they needed help implementing a redesign, we were happy to step up and code the beautiful new Auth0 Support Center in React. It now links to extensive documentation and code samples and displays the current status of all Auth0 online services.

Collaboration #3 Building the Fundamental User Experience

Yet another of Auth0's Guiding Principles is simplicity: their product is both simple to use and simple to tailor to client needs. We took special care to adhere to this standard when we developed the User Admin Panel, which makes it easy for clients to manage their authentication settings.

Collaboration #4 Providing Many Ways to Adapt

A key way Auth0 keeps their platform customizable is offering optional extensions users can download for different features and functionalities. Throughout our partnership with Auth0, we developed seven different extensions that enable clients to tailor their version of the product.

from import Auth0

domain = ''

token = 'A_JWT_TOKEN'
auth0 = Auth0('', token)


Collaboration #5 Ensuring Quality

Providing a trustworthy platform is integral to the way Auth0 delivers their vision. Their system needed a boost in integrity, so we added intensive automated unit and integration tests that cover a variety of scenarios.

Collaboration #6 Contributing to the Community

As part of their "developer first" mentality, Auth0 is dedicated to helping developers get the maximum benefit out of their platform, and they often share open source software with the community. When they needed someone to write their Python and Node.js libraries from scratch, they asked us because of our expertise in these technologies, and we jumped at the opportunity.

Currently, Auth0 has tens of millions of registered users. They handle 3,000 secure logins per second and 2.5 billion secure logins per month. Over the course of our partnership, it was important to us that our work not only contributed to Auth0's vision, but exceeded their expectations.

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