Why Latin America is the Best Choice For Nearshore Development

Gimena Aguerreberry
April 27, 2021

Many companies rely on nearshore outsourcing to bring expert tech developers onto their latest projects. The benefits of nearshore outsourcing begin when you find a vendor, but how do you know which is best when the market is full of competition?

Latin America has emerged as an ideal market for software development companies. It is also closer and more convenient than offshore outsourcing. Here's why nearshore outsourcing to Latin America for your software development team is wise.

1. The Industry Has A Great Cost-Value Ratio

Did you know that the sticker price for an outsourced team isn't always the best indicator of value? Other factors like the quality of the services are essential. In Latin America, you may end up paying more for services, but you'll end up saving money in the long term due to accessibility, quality of services, and growth of the industry.

The advantages that these countries present make them ideal for outsourcing software development from companies in the United States.

2. Accessibility and Scheduling Are Ideal

While not every company in every country may offer English language services, many companies do. Regardless, because of the proximity, Latin America provides many benefits purely based on its location.

First, the time difference between your office and your outsourced team will be negligible if there even is one. This means that your working hours will overlap entirely with the company to whom you are outsourcing software development.

Finding time to meet can become a major time waster when outsourcing further away. It also forces one or both companies to compromise by communicating at all hours of the day, which can be disorganized. One question or concern could set the project back an entire day as you wait for a response from someone in another time zone.

When you outsource to Latin American, it is easier to get a hold of your vendor when you need them. It opens up communication, thereby improving results and minimizing misunderstandings. One of the largest impacts to cost is that no time change means less time lost to project delays from a lapse in communication. Outsourcing to Latin America means investing in speed and efficiency. Everything can move quickly, and communication can occur in real-time without having to wait until the next morning to hear back about a question.

In addition to the lack of a disruptive time change, these countries are closer and easier to visit. This means that you can execute a more hands-on approach to the partnership easier without wasting more money and losing time flying around the world. Visiting in person more also means a better connection with the outsourced team and better results.

3. The IT Industry is Growing

While the IT industry is booming in many countries worldwide, few are putting the same investment into the growth as Latin America at this time.

The IT field has been a major source of revenue for many people and has boosted the economy. Because of its profitability, many of these countries have chosen to invest in its growth through education and training for tech employees. They have also created and funded university programs and scholarships designed to bring more talent into the industry.

Latin America and the U.S. influence each other's growth academically and in the market. This means that not only does this growth make Latin American countries front-runners in the industry, it also makes them highly compatible with U.S. IT methodology. The most beneficial overlap is that they are both agile. Like the U.S., many of these countries push for the adaptation of agile development. The agile way of doing things emphasizes collaboration, quality, flexibility, and communication. After its conception in 2001, this process has become popular as a profitable and sustainable method for development.

Is the IT Industry in Latin America Right For Your Software Development Project?

The software development industry in this area is booming with profitable nearshore outsourcing companies to partner with. If you are hoping to make the most cost-effective and growth-driven decision when choosing a vendor to outsource to, Latin America is the best place to look for a software development team. This is due to their proximity to the US, accessibility, ease of communication, and industry growth and compatibility.

Outsourcing software development from the United States doesn't have to be a hassle. Nearshore companies in South America can provide the perfect collaborative partnership for agile software development. So can highly skilled teams of South, Central, and North Americans in Costa Rica and other countries throughout the area.

Ready to experience the benefits of nearshore software development outsourcing at your company? Contact us to start a collaboration by outsourcing to Latin America for better results today.

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