Tips for Effective Software Outsourcing

Gimena Aguerreberry
May 14, 2021

Thinking about software outsourcing? It can be one of the smartest moves your company ever makes. Unfortunately, too many businesses think the process is too confusing or overwhelming. So they just stick to their in-house team and wonder what could've been.

Luckily, you no longer have to miss out on the opportunities outsourcing can bring. Check out this comprehensive guide! We illustrate why software outsourcing is so beneficial and provide you with the best tips for finding a reputable partner.

Why Software Outsourcing Is a Smart Move

Before we help you find the perfect software development company, you should understand why software outsourcing is a smart move.

It Avoids the Challenges of House Developers

To begin, let's think about how a business like yours would go about a new project. Like some, you may rely on house developers.

There's no doubt that an in-house development team has its perks. Your team works alongside your other employees, ensuring fast and efficient communication. This setup also makes on-the-fly adjustments a breeze.

Despite these advantages, we think the cons of house developers far outweigh the pros. You have to spend a lot of time and resources hiring and training employees. These costs are especially frustrating when you realize that in-house teams tend to have high turnover rates. Plus, when your employees are spending so much time on custom software development, they may not have time to provide other in-house IT resources.

So, unless you have an established in-house team who's been handling your software development projects for years, we advise against using house developers.

It Saves You From Having to Hire a Local Agency

When you realize that an in-house team isn't the move, you might consider hiring a local agency. But, we strongly believe that outsourcing is a much wiser decision.

A local agency limits your access to talent. But, if you choose to outsource, you can work with the best software development company in the industry. Additionally, outsourcing can provide you with cheaper rates, more specialized services, etc.

Why You Should Work With an Outsourced Team

Below, we go over tips about choosing the right partner. If you only take away one thing from this guide, it should be that you should actually go through with hiring an outsourced team.

A high-quality outsourced team provides many benefits. It gives you access to the world's top talent, increases your company's cash flow, and offers scalability to keep up with business growth. Best of all, it ensures that a specialized team is fully dedicated to your project.

How to Find the Perfect Software Development Company

We've convinced you of the benefits of working with an outsourced team. But, if you don't choose a reliable partner, you'll have a less than ideal experience. If the outsourced company you choose is particularly incompetent, you may even end up worse than you were with an in-house team or local agency.

It can be challenging to trust a software development company with your project (especially if the team is in a different country). So, before handing your baby off to a total stranger, see these tips for finding the perfect partner.

Do Your Research

We all do research when we buy things online — even for the most insignificant of items. So, why wouldn't you do the same when you're choosing an outsourcing partner?

Reputable development companies will have positive online reviews. You should view testimonials from real clients to see what it's like working with the outsourced company. Mentions of good communication skills and reasonable costs are great signs. But, if you see a lot of clients talking about misunderstandings and a lack of consistency, stay far away from these red flags.

Start With a Trial Software Project

When you buy products online, you might look for those with a money-back guarantee. Luckily, you can do the same with a business development partner.

Well, sort of. See if the application development company you're interested in offers trial runs. Through a sample software project, you can get a feel for the team's style. You'll learn if they have good communication skills and can stay on top of deadlines. If not, then at least you'll figure it out before you sign on with them for a big software project.

Clearly Define Your Requirements

When you approach an outsourced project manager, you need to clearly define your requirements. You may be broad by, say, defining your goals in terms of business growth.

However, you should also be specific. Narrow down what your application development will entail, what kind of user experience you want to provide, etc. You should also specify what technologies your team works with, a rough software product timeline, etc.

By setting clear expectations from the beginning, you can avoid misunderstandings. The project manager will be able to determine if your project is something they can adequately take on.

Get a Quote

Once you define your requirements, the project manager can provide you with an accurate quote. It should include all the costs and how long development will take. When you get this quote, you can determine if the services are within your budget and capable of meeting your ideal delivery date.

Consider the Team's Location

It might seem strange to consider the team's location when outsourcing. After all, isn't the whole point of outsourcing to work with a partner regardless of location?

While this is true, it can be beneficial to work with a company that's nearshore rather than offshore. Time zone compatibility can make it easier to collaborate and even hold in-person meetings. But, as long as you and your partner practice good communication skills, location shouldn't matter.

See If You Can Get Post-Development Support

It's so exciting when your project is finally finished. But, as relieved as everyone is that it's done, your software development company shouldn't be so quick to cut ties.

Post-development support is crucial to the lasting success of a project. Without it, you and your development team will be in the dark. It can be challenging to train employees on troubleshooting and address problems that come up.

So, when you hire an outsourcing partner, see if they offer post-development support. Most reputable development companies automatically include support via email, phone, etc. If the company you're looking at doesn't or won't include it at your request, be wary. The agency may not be willing or able to provide the resources you need once your project is done.

Know That Every Company Isn't a Perfect Fit

You might come across the best company in the industry. But, you should realize that no matter how good it is, it might not be the right fit for you. For instance, you may require custom software development, but the company doesn't specialize in tailored solutions. So, just keep in mind that what works for others may not necessarily meet the unique needs of your business.

Finding the Right Outsourcing Partner

As we've harped on, software outsourcing comes with many advantages. But if you want to reap the benefits, you must find a high-quality partner. Use our tips above, and you'll soon find your match made in heaven!

Better yet, contact our team today. For years, we've proudly partnered with businesses like yours. We have the experience and commitment you need to bring your software product to life.

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