Sophilabers Explain Our Values: Work Hard

Adriana Campoy
May 20, 2020

Our values guide our approach to all our work – they're what drive us to deliver high-quality services, help each other reach ambitious goals, and foster an environment where everyone can grow. Our Playbook begins by stating our core values loud and clear:

In this final installment of our series of posts about our company values, our team members reflect on Work hard. They explain what this value means to them, why it's important, and how sophilabers live this value on a daily basis.

What does it mean to work hard?

For sophilabers, hard work is not just an activity, it's a mindset. It defines our attitude towards major challenges and smaller assignments alike.

It's a way of understanding work, facing everyday tasks with determination and dedication. "Hard work" happens when we feel responsible for the results and understand the positive impact that our involvement produces.
– Victoria Burghi, Talent Manager

Working hard means giving more than 100% in everything you do... It's closely related to the word "commitment." If you commit to something at work or in your personal life, there is no shortcut or easy way out.
– César Díaz, Software Engineer

It's this sense of commitment that motivates us to always give the best of ourselves. We're focused on reaching our goals, and we see persistence as the surest way of getting there.

For me, "work hard" means putting all my effort into the work I'm doing in order to achieve the best results possible when performing a task or a series of them.
– Ana Inés Gómez, Accounting Manager

We understand working hard as dedicating the most concentration and effort possible to fulfill our objectives.
– Emanuel Barrera, Software Engineer

Work hard influences our approach to software development. Our Agile practices help us make the best use of our resources so that every effort contributes to the desired outcome.

"Hard work" does not mean working more or working overtime, but working with the maximum level of concentration. It means consciously giving our best in each task and looking for ways to overcome each obstacle and continue advancing. Working hard is always thinking one step ahead, analyzing each aspect of the task, identifying the risks in advance, and working with these risks in mind. "Hard work" is adopting a client's objectives as our own and reaching our full potential in order to achieve them.
– Federico Roda, Developer Coach & Product Manager

As team member Federico explains above, at the core of our diligence is our commitment to our clients and their goals.

Why is it important to consistently give our best effort?

When asked this question, our team members cited the feeling of individual accomplishment and the positive impact our work can have on others.

It is important because by doing so, we get two types of benefits: one type is a sense of personal achievement that follows after we have worked hard for something, regardless of the outcome. You did your best, and that is very important. The second type of benefit is knowing that by working hard and doing our best, we are benefitting not only ourselves, but also our company and our community.
– Ana Inés Gómez, Accounting Manager

Sophilabers are very results-oriented, and working hard demonstrates our dedication to providing quality services.

In the tech industry, what we achieve is demonstrated through our results. Therefore, it's necessary to work hard and with the best possible effort to obtain good results in as little time as possible.
– Emanuel Barrera, Software Engineer

Sophilabs is committed to its customers and its employees to be honest and fair and to work hard to achieve the success everyone is striving for. That means that we need to be brave and smart. We might get lucky along the way, but we definitely need to work hard to climb to the top. Why would anyone hire us if we are not the best?
–Pablo Ricco, CPO & Co-Founder

The success of our clients is our success. It defines how our clients see us. So we should ask ourselves if we want our clients to see us as average or as successful people with whom they would like to collaborate again?
– Federico Roda, Developer Coach & Product Manager

Team members also emphasized the way in which our constant effort, drive, and tenacity leads to personal and professional progress.

On one hand there's a commitment to quality, and on the other, a personal challenge that becomes very gratifying when we see our effort come to fruition in good results. We know that we gave the best of ourselves in order to achieve them. External recognition is nice once in a while, but the important thing here is to know that we gave our all and are now one step ahead of where we were. The process allowed us to grow professionally.
– Victoria Burghi, Talent Manager

Generally the value and quality of your work will depend on your effort, so if you really want something, it's best to give your all. As Yoda in Star Wars said, "Do, or do not. There is no try." In this case, you should give your all at work regardless of whether everyone else reaches their objectives or not. You'll be closer to being a better professional and the person you want to be.
– César Díaz, Software Engineer

At sophilabs, working hard allows us to deliver excellent solutions for our clients, strive to reach challenging goals, and continually grow together.

A Fundamental Sophilabs Value

Work hard is the guiding principle that makes all our other core values possible. It's through dedication to learning and problem-solving that we can develop a true love of our craft. Constant focus and effort enables us to aim high. And a strong commitment to working towards our common goals makes us better team players.

If you identify with our approach and want to learn more about how we work, reach out to us! We'd love to hear about your product goals.

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