Nearshore Outsourcing Benefits: 7 Important Advantages

Gimena Aguerreberry
June 10, 2021

There are several benefits to nearshoring that cause companies to consider it. We have listed some of them, so if you are thinking of outsourcing, you should check them out.

Better Security

If your own company does not have a specialism in IT, you may find yourself at a loss when it comes to trying to investigate digital security. As such, you need to take steps to ensure you meet regulations and laws when it comes to the use of data with any software you produce.

Working with a nearshore company means they can handle this area of expertise. This means you can instead focus on what your company specializes in.

Better Communication

When aiming for a nearshore company near your own, one of the likely benefits is that of language similarity. Even if the company's first language is not the same as yours, it is likely to be one they know well enough to perform their job.

Also, while the country will have its own cultures and customs, the closer they are to you the more likely those customs are to be compatible with your own. This of course includes daily working patterns.

Up-To-Date Tech

Companies that work on outsourced projects always need to be able to handle any projects thrown at them. For that reason, they will often have access to computing technology that is up-to-the-minute.

You will not need to shell out for the hardware of the company you are outsourcing to. You should note, however, that this will not be the case if developing bespoke hardware or unique technology.

This can end up saving several thousands of dollars per computer or user. This may mean the difference between whether or not you can grow the outsourced team.

Timezone Similarity

Outsourcing to further afield can often lead to long email chains where it is hard to communicate something. Alternatively, trying to engage with face-to-face communication with video chat can be difficult. This is due to the very different times an outsourced company will work.

A nearshore company will be in the same time zone as you are or close enough to make no difference. This gives you a significant advantage when attempting to organize meetings. You will more easily be able to communicate complicated concepts.

Larger Talent Pool

An outsourcing company often has a much larger bucket of individuals to call on to perform any task. They have a solid idea of the skillsets of their employees and can pick and choose who works in a role you set.

This is much easier than an internal working environment. In that situation, you would have to either pick from the limited internal talent pool or look into the lengthy process of hiring.

Simple Visitation

If you ever need to visit the location where the nearshore company works from, it is a simple matter compared to a further-afield company.

In comparison, sending workers to locations further across the world will mean employees will need to deal with jetlag. Also, locations further away may have significant difficulties with visas.

Easily Scalable

Like the benefits of a larger talent pool, if you wish to expand the work you do fast you can discuss this with your nearshore partner. They should be able to increase their workforce fast with little difficulty using their internal employees. This allows you to pivot to different, larger, or smaller projects if you need to.

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