Maximizing the Staff Augmentation Advantages

Gimena Aguerreberry
April 14, 2021

The old saying that it's hard to find good help these days is more true than ever. That's especially true when you're working in the tech industry.

Technology moves fast and there are always new languages to learn and platforms to build on. Top talent can be hard to find (and even harder to keep), and there are too many over-eager junior devs that can't handle what you need them to do. It's easy for the talent pool to look a little shallow from this perspective.

Staff augmentation services could be a big help if you're struggling to find help on your next software development project. Has your development company never worked with an outsourcing company before? If so, you don't know what you're missing out on!

Want to know why we're strong advocates for always having the number of a good staffing company in your back pocket?

Whether you need long-term help or someone for a short engagement, there are so many benefits of staff augmentation. Here's why companies in the development space need to lean into staffing now more than ever before.

Cost Savings

How much does it cost to hire a new team member? When we're talking about cost, we're not just talking about salary. Think about the hiring process and all of the resources that have to be used to get one new person up to speed.

You may have to bring in someone at a higher salary than usual to persuade them to sign, and then there's also the cost of benefits. HR has to take time out of their day to train your new employee on company policies. Their managers and other coworkers have to be involved in training, too.

Training a new employee can drain both time and money. Finding the right people could cost more than you're willing to spend. If you want to better allocate your resources, then a staff augmentation company could be your most cost-effective solution.

It's possible that your project requires a lot of specialized knowledge to complete well. An employee from a staff augmentation company is able to hit the ground running. They don't need to spend weeks in orientation learning about policies and company culture. They're highly skilled and will be able to laser focus on work and nothing else.

It's much less costly to work with a staff augmentation company than it is to hire a new employee. You won't have to worry about paying for health insurance or other benefits. In some cases, you'll have the help of a team of professionals instead of the help of one good developer.

Think Outside the Box

Your development team has been heads-down on their latest build for months. They've been pouring over wireframes, reviewing feedback from users, and they're sure that they're about to build the next big thing in your industry.

It's too bad that they were so deep into their work that they didn't notice that your competitor released similar updates on their app months ago. Or, that the platform they're building in is actually a bit outdated.

When you're deep into dev work it can be very easy to self-validate your own ideas. Sometimes you need an outside perspective, and help from a staff augmentation company can give you the insight you need.

The staff augmentation model ensures that the developers you work with will be at the top of their game. They'll know about the latest platforms and languages you can work with, and could even make some helpful suggestions on how to make your product even better.

Take Good Risks

There's a project you've been wanting to work on for months. You think it could do a lot to help your business and some members on your team are excited about the work. Unfortunately, the resourcing budget for your house team is booked up for the rest of the fiscal year so there's no time or budget.

Getting buy-in for new projects can be difficult when you're already set to meet certain work goals. Finding a way to justify putting time and money into a new project when there are set priorities around project work can be nearly impossible at some companies.

Instead of shuffling around staff to try to make things work, staff augmentation could help you explore new ideas without having to cut into your allotted work or budget.

Try to build something on that new platform you've heard people talking about. Bring in some help to build and validate a new feature you've been thinking about adding. Get a fresh perspective on your project management skills.

It's a low risk now that you have outside help!

Lessen Bad Risks

Let's face it: After the surprises 2020 threw our way, nobody really knows what to expect in 2021.

Plenty of companies have had to make sacrifices to make sure they can still operate. CEOs have taken pay cuts, companies have had to go through layoffs, and project budgets have been slashed.

There are some things that are worth taking risks on. New features that already test well with your audience, learning new platforms and programming languages, and looking into expanding product offerings could end up helping your company in the future. However, there are some risks that can be reduced if you go about it the right way.

Maybe now isn't the best time to think about hiring and training new employees.

Your company may be on shaky ground for the next few months or even years. Bringing in someone new might be too big of a risk for everyone at the moment. The last thing any company needs is a reputation for hiring people then having to lay them off in a few months.

Staff augmentation can help you finish up project work, explore new potential avenues for work, and can do it all without having to risk your bottom line.

Find the Best Staff Augmentation Services

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come with using staff augmentation services. When you can work on new projects, bring in unparalleled expertise, and lessen risks to your company, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

Do you need extra help on your next development project? Are you interested in learning more about what type of outsourcing we specialize in and how you can work with different companies and agencies?

We're ready to talk! Reach out to us today so we can start thinking about the best way to meet your unique development and project management needs.

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