Delivering Value Right Away: How We Take On a New Project

Adriana Campoy
September 3, 2020

At sophilabs, we pride ourselves on the way we deliver value to our customers in every step of the product life cycle. Even before a client has fully decided if they want to work with us, we strive to help them define their vision and take away some useful insights to help them achieve their objectives, whether or not they choose us. In this post, we'll dive into how we take on a new project, always prioritizing what's most valuable to the customer.

Product Inception

As part of how we and potential clients mutually determine whether we're a good fit, we hold product inception sessions at no cost. The purpose is to ensure we understand the client's business and what's most valuable to them. What do their users need from the product? What are the client's priorities – UX, security, scalability, performance? With a clear picture of a client's vision and budget, we can help them think of a scalable MVP that they can build on according to what they learn from users. Product inception allows us to thoroughly understand a client's business, allowing us to make helpful suggestions. We share all the findings and materials generated during the product inception with the potential client so they can use them for their benefit, whether or not they decide to continue working with us. Customer success is truly our top priority.

Product Manager

Every project at sophilabs is assigned a product manager as a complimentary service so that we can make sure our customers are continually receiving what is valuable to them. Since our product managers know our developers and their skills, they can make sure the team is on track with the project road map and that the client gets the most out of their investment. To maximize transparency, we send our clients regular reports that allow them to see where their investment is being spent and how developers use billable hours on different kinds of tasks.

Onboarding Developers

We understand that our clients often want to start building as soon as possible, so we have proven practices that help developers onboard efficiently. We share with developers what we learned from the product inception so that they can fully understand the client's business and be invested in its success. We provide new clients with 40 free hours of work so they can experience what it's like to work with us and see for themselves whether our services are the best solution for them. When a new developer is added to an existing project, they start attending daily scrums and sprint reviews, and we hold internal meetings to bring them fully up to speed before they start working billable hours. And if new developers encounter challenges, they can get help from the Project Advisor, a senior developer who has been there since the start of the project and has deep knowledge of the product and the technologies involved. The Project Advisor can also help the team make sound technical decisions or untangle a tough problem.

At sophilabs, our goal is to form trusting, long-term relationships with our clients and continually contribute to their success. Everything about the way we take on a new project aims to earn client trust and demonstrate the value we can contribute as experienced providers of development services. To learn more about our development process, check out how we work.

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