How to Coordinate Your Workflow With a Nearshore Team

Gimena Aguerreberry
April 24, 2021

Thinking about partnering with a nearshore software outsourcing team? Good idea — forming this collaboration is one of the smartest moves you can make when done correctly.

But, if you don't coordinate your workflow, you'll be taking steps backward. Your software development projects will fall behind and produce subpar final products.

To prevent messy workflows, you need to implement good project management.

Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about coordinating the efforts of your house team and outsourcing team. You'll learn the industry's best tips for communication and collaboration. Plus, we go over the benefits of implementing efficient project management.

Practice Clear Communication With These 5 Tools

Clear communication is the foundation of all outsourcing projects. When your teams work together, staying in consistent contact will allow them to remain on the same page.

In most cases, your company will have a designated, high-quality house team responsible for communicating with the outsourcing team. Your Product Owner is responsible for managing your house team and ensuring that it boosts productivity through communication methods such as the following:

1. Daily Catch-Up Calls

Daily catch-up calls are the perfect way to get updates on the development process. You'll always know what's going on and be able to address issues with your nearshore development team. By keeping calls brief (under 15 minutes), you'll respect everyone's time and be sure only to discuss the most relevant matters.

2. Chat Tools

It's inefficient to call or email your outsourcing partner every time you need to talk to them. So, be sure to take advantage of productivity chat tools like Slack or Wrike. Your team members may already use these tools for internal communication, but you'll find them just as useful for collaborating with nearshore teams.

3. Backlog Meetings

Ensure that both your team members and offshore outsourcing team participate in backlog meetings. These meetings are essential for refining product development as they make requirements clear and ensure everyone is on track. Through regular backlog meetings, you'll streamline the development process and prevent the need for backpedaling later on.

4. Sprint Reviews

During sprint reviews, the software engineer will present their deliverables (including a draft of the software product). As the client, you will give feedback that will help the IT team make any necessary revisions. The goal is to ensure that the software development projects are in line with your vision.

5. In-Person Meetings

Remote outsourced software development partnerships have their benefits. But, if your time zone permits, you should conduct in-person meetings with your team. Face-to-face contact can improve collaboration by building trust and improving communication.

Expert Tips for Efficient Collaboration

Using the right communication tools is a good start, but it won't be enough. You need to work towards efficient collaboration. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind:

Don't Be Shy

You can't afford to be "shy" when working with your outsourcing partner. You're paying them to work for you, so don't be afraid to communicate. Ask questions, get clarification, suggest new ideas, and bring up concerns about your software product.

Be Transparent

As the client, you expect your nearshore development team to be transparent. You should extend this same courtesy by being clear about requirements, deadlines, etc. Always be specific and put everything in writing.

Use Compatible Software

When choosing an offshore outsourcing company to work with, consider what software they use. It should be one that you already use or one that's easy for your team to learn. Using the same project management software and cloud-based workspaces will make collaboration much easier.

Standardize Processes

Most likely, your company is a well-oiled function. You've developed your own way of doing things, and it works flawlessly. But, you can't expect your outsourcing team to jump right into things. So, you should standardize certain processes.

For example, consider establishing keywords that clarify the urgency of tasks. This move is a small thing you can do to prioritize the most important matters.

Keep Things Simple

Of course, you should pick a company that speaks your native language. But the fact that you both speak English isn't enough to ensure clear communication.

You and your software engineer will likely have different backgrounds. So, you should refrain from using jargon and complicated explanations. Rather, keep things simple by using business-related terms. Straightforward language will prevent misunderstandings and keep your project moving along.

The Benefits of a Coordinated Workflow

When you work with a nearshore software outsourcing team and coordinate your workflow, you'll enjoy benefits such as the following:

Access to the Industry's Top Talents

Outsourcing means you don't have to settle for professionals that are in your area. With a reputable company, you'll get access to the industry's top talents.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

When you outsource your project, you save yourself from hours of talent-hunting. You also bypass the need to train your team members and fund certain internal operations.

Increased Time

One of the main benefits of outsourcing is having an external team take care of specialized tasks.You'll find that your schedule opens up, and you can use all of this extra time to focus on your core business tasks.


A trusted company will prioritize your product development above all else. It will be available when you need it most, regardless of time zone or other limitations.

Risk Mitigation

Worried about the security threats that come with remote work? Don't be. A reputable software engineer will prioritize your security by mitigating every possible threat.

Work With Our Experienced Outsourced Software Development Team

Ready to reap these benefits of efficient project management? Work with our experienced outsourced software development team today. We employ the industry's top talents to ensure you get a high-quality product.

Because we understand the importance of a coordinated workflow, we prioritize our collaboration efforts with our team. Our teams work together to strengthen your business and lead to increased workflow.

Contact us today to get started — we're eager to take on your project!

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