Development Costs: All Factors To Consider

Gimena Aguerreberry
April 13, 2021

Is your business looking to develop software? Although a mobile app or SaaS can be rewarding, it's essential to know the final costs of a high-quality project.

Many factors impact the cost, including the development team size, project complexity, the salary of senior developers, human resources, and the physical project requirements. We know how tough estimating software development costs can be, which is why we've put together this easy guide.

Keep reading to learn more about cost estimation so that you can complete a high-quality software development project or mobile app with no financial surprises.

Development Team Size

One of the most significant factors affecting the final costs is the development team size.

This factor is particularly critical to keep in mind, whether you are creating an in-house team or outsourcing custom software development.

The cost of development services depends on the experience and knowledge of the team.

If you're creating basic software, you may only need to hire one or three people for the development process. However, if your project is complex, you may need to spend more to hire a team of senior developers or even a software development company. The project requirements will determine the level of expertise you need and add to the cost.

Usually, the best way to calculate the costs of software developers is to research salaries or hourly rates for those in similar jobs and use that in your cost estimation.

A large team requires a specialist human resources department, too. You don't want to put the project at risk by neglecting your duties to the employees you staff. As with the software development services, you can hire in-house or outsource the human resources. Either way, it will add to the factors affecting the final costs.

Project Complexity

The factor that most affects the final costs is the project complexity. As noted, the project requirements determine the size and expense of the team you need. It can also lead to a range of extra costs in other areas, for example:

Software Development Pricing

In the simplest terms, the more complex a project is, the more you can expect to pay. However, don't let this discourage you.

Investing in high-quality custom software development upfront can positively impact how much users are willing to pay for the mobile app, UI UX design, or software. Therefore, although your initial software development costs may be high, know that paying more upfront means you may earn more in the end.

Resource Requirements

If you require complex development services, you're likely to need significant resources. These include:

  • Specialist platforms to allow the developers to work on their UI UX design

  • A computer powerful enough to handle the project requirements

  • Training if you're using a team member rather than a specialized software development company

Project Complexity and Cost Estimation

If you're struggling to understand the costs of software design and how your project requirements and complexity will affect them, it's a good idea to get in contact with specialists.

At sophilabs, we can help. Whatever your stage in the project, we have excellent tools to help you along and help you to avoid unpleasant extra costs.

Software Development Platform

The final costs of your software development project will be contingent on the platform you select to host your product. There are two main areas that most businesses focus on, which make up UI UX design:

  • UI Design: UI is at its core all the factors affecting the customer experience. It can include the usability of the website or mobile app, site navigation, and more. The focus is primarily on the interface, meaning it applies to digital products.

  • UX Design: UX encompasses all the elements that go into creating the overall experience of the service, including the customer interaction but also the prototypes and architectures involved in creating the product, the research, testing scenarios, and more.

The software development pricing depends on how complex you want these features to be. Usually, a more interactive and smooth piece of custom software development costs more than a more basic piece. However, the other factors affecting the cost estimation mentioned previously are also crucial.

Ready to Build Great Software? Contact Us

As you can tell, estimating the costs of software development is a tricky task. Although it can be tempting to try to do it all yourself, this can lead to unwanted extra costs.

To prevent these issues from happening, it's a good idea to speak with professional software development services. At sophilabs, our highly trained specialists are ready to make the best custom software on the market.

We can help to reduce your final costs. You don't have to worry about employing human resources or shelling out the extra costs for training. Instead, you can leave those matters to us.

If you're ready for excellent custom software development without absorbing the factors affecting software development pricing, contact us. With years of experience, sophilabs can help in a range of areas — including testing, design, communication, and planning. Call for a development team that does it all.

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