Digital Transformation with Nearshore Outsourcing

Gimena Aguerreberry
April 5, 2021

For any company that wants to keep up with a rapidly changing and competitive landscape, digital transformation has become critical to survival and growth.

It doesn’t take most businesses long to grasp "going digital" is easier said than done.

In just a few months’ time, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors do business. The responses to Covid-19 have speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years.

Overnight, corporations had to adapt their business plans and strategies in order to continue operating and survive the crisis.

Digital Transformation has become inevitable, and that’s where nearshore outsourcing solutions are so helpful. To accelerate transformation, companies are looking outside for help and, particularly, to nearshore software outsourcing partners to help them keep up.

Considering the scarcity of talent in technology, outsourcing is becoming even more desirable, as it solves a number of problems, from the acceleration of digital transformation to the reduction of software development costs.

Nearshore software development

**Nearshore outsourcin**g is delegating business processes to companies located in a similar time zone and geographical proximity to your country.

The 'nearshoring' model allows companies to access the right technical skill, save time, and cut costs. It also lets them stay focused on other projects. In most cases, the work culture, time zones, and languages overlap.

Businesses can maximize the value of their nearshore outsourcing partnerships when it's time to accelerate their digital transformation and keep pace with technological changes.

Using Nearshore to Drive Your Digital Transformation

According to researc**h conducted by Genpac**t, companies may collectively waste some $400 billion per year on misguided efforts as they try to make this transformation.

The value lost when a major IT project has a big delay can run up to 170% of the investment cost, according to a **report from BCG Perspective**s.

While the process of digital transformation will never be seamless, combining best practices with outsourcing can lead to better results and cost savings.

Both in-house staff and external service providers are critical to cutting down on "digital transformation waste" and meeting organizational objectives.

IT outsourcing is a proven success strategy for achieving better business outcomes and the fastest time to market from digital transformation initiatives.

5 Reasons to outsource digital transformation

Leveraging external firms is an important part for companies that are serious about engaging in transformation. Outsourcing parts of the digital transformation process is an effective way to succeed. By leveraging nearshore outsourcing of digital transformation, businesses can have access to an experienced team to focus on digital transformation initiatives.

Here are the top 5 reasons for development outsourcing:

Extra manpower

Outsourcing will minimize the burden on your in-house development team and provide access to a rich pool of world-class software engineers.


Digital transformation demands changes that require expertise in a wide array of domains and technologies, and outsourcing can greatly improve the scale and speed of implementation.


Engage resources with particular skills for as long as you need them, or reap the benefits of a dedicated development team working as an extension of your in-house staff during the most intense parts of the transformation


Partnering with IT outsourcing providers gives you the ability to control costs by scaling the size of your digital transformation team up and down according to business demand.

Risk mitigation

Outsourcing the process to a provider who already knows the best way to achieve your business goals not only saves time and money but reduces risk from missteps or unforeseen complications along the way.

Conclusion - Digital transformation with nearshore outsourcing

Emerging technologies change so rapidly that most internal IT teams lack the technical capabilities or business knowledge to determine the best solutions for their organization. Inexperienced personnel, poor data-gathering systems, and unclear objectives are the most common reasons digital transformations fail.

Consulting a third-party expert with digital transformation experience can lead to new and innovative ways to improve your business. By working with a nearshore outsourcing partner, companies benefit from the input of highly experienced experts in the digital transformation space.

If you are ready to trust an expert to help you compete and succeed in your industry, **contact us**.

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