5 Ways Staff Augmentation Helps your Business

Gimena Aguerreberry
May 7, 2021

The value of staff augmentation services when it comes to major projects is not to be understated. Implementing a new program or navigating the challenges of a merger is always a challenge and sometimes requires temporary hires. Bringing on additional supplemental workers is beneficial for various projects — including installing new IT programs, acquisitions, company contraction or expansion, and more.

Staff augmentation services bring on short-term workers with specific skills to implement programs or complete projects that will have a long-term benefit to your business. Here we discuss the top five benefits.

The Major Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Exploring staff augmentation models will result in several organizational benefits and assist your full-time staff in staying on track for major project completion. These are the top five of many benefits of staff augmentation when it comes to project management.

1. Cost-Effective Solutions

These services allow you to avoid the costs of hiring long-term when you only need help on a project-to-project basis. Staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing, allowing you to funnel your needs for a specific project. With that, you save on labor costs, including payroll tax, recruiting, advertising, resume evaluation expenses, and facility leasing. Not to mention avoiding the hassle of finding and hiring full-time employees!

2. Specialized Skills

Staff augmentation models target providing the specific skills you need for a project by building the perfect staff for your project needs. Rather than train employees who lack adequate skills, you can hire team members with specialized skill sets.

These team members fill any skill gaps needed on a short-term basis. Without the weight of the learning curve, the contributions and return of investment are apparent immediately.

3. Expansive Experience Available

Since staff augmentation firms work with multiple businesses, there is a benefit of collective experience from similar projects. The short-term team has likely faced similar issues from previous projects, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to project management. The ability to quickly address common roadblocks is valuable to any organization and fills experience gaps in new areas.

4. Neutral Team Accustomed to Change

Bringing something new to the workplace is often an invitation for mild to forceful resistance. Every employer faces the ‘this is how it has always been’ mentality when implementing change, and it can be exhausting to face the rejection. There are many reasons why employees are resistant to change, and the house team may even hold onto the old ways even after they see how changes can help with their job.

This debilitating roadblock does not apply to neutral workers from staff augmentation firms. Because staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing, you hire unbiased employees accustomed to change and focused on delivering a successful project.

5. Flexibility

Rather than expending time, energy, and money to recruit, interview, hire, and train employees for a project, staff augmentation firms can handle changing conditions and project implementation. With specialized skills and high quality of talent, outsourcing offers flexibility that is optimal and cost-effective.

Additionally, even the best-planned projects are subject to change. There is always the risk of scope contraction or expansion, unanticipated roadblocks, and more. Many of these issues demand effective, quick options and thus require an elevated need for flexibility. As the sole focus of the short-term staff is this project, that flexibility is inherently available.

The Bottom Line

Staff augmentation services are the way to outsource and create action plans that center efficient, timely project completion. These benefits combine to assist in successful project management and provide cost-effective solutions.

There are additional benefits from staff augmentation services besides those listed here, but these advantages apply to all industries and business sizes.

Are you interested to learn more about staff augmentation firms? Contact us today to discuss your project needs and determine how staff augmentation services will benefit you. Our team of workers with specialized skill sets is ready and eager to benefit your team!

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