5 Surprising Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Gimena Aguerreberry
June 13, 2021

Staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing used by companies when large-scale or important projects require additional talent to complete. As a result, companies augment their existing staff with professionals who have specialized skill sets perfect for particular projects.

When you have a large project looming ahead, the last thing you need to do is worry about recruiting and hiring a team to work for you. Choosing staff augmentation services allows you to get the help you need on a scalable, per-project basis and makes it easy to focus on the big picture and your business goals.

Staff augmentation services act as a bridge between skilled people and the availability of short-term positions in software companies. They offer great flexibility to the software companies to extend their current workforce with experts who contain an ideal skill set for a specific project.

The benefits of staff augmentation services are abundant, but for some companies, these advantages are hidden behind confusion over what staff augmentation can do for a business.

So here are five surprising benefits of staff augmentation:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Staff augmentation allows you to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Companies can augment existing teams with specialized professionals to work solely on a short-term basis. This avoids expenses associated with salaries, benefits, and other costs of hiring someone full-time– and who may or may not have the specific skills to work on a particular project. Staff augmentation gives companies the option to hire for the short-term, immediate, and specific needs of the business without compromising on the quality of talent they bring on.

2. Access to larger Talents

Whether you need help with a particular project or for your entire business, targeting the skills you need allows you to get effective workers in place quickly and affordably.

Staff augmentation serves as a means of short-term hiring that allows businesses to access a larger pool of skilled professionals.

3. Operational Efficiency

Staff augmentation services offer flexible working platforms to new startups and businesses. Such businesses can hire remote developers or they can hire dedicated developers team.

Along with a reduction in infrastructural costs, staff augmentation services can significantly reduce the cost of operations by easing the hire of software professionals. These savings can later result in higher business revenues.

4. Continuous Nurturing

When you have a fixed workforce, you can only access the knowledge that your staff possesses. Your business growth becomes stagnant because of the lack of new ideas and opinions.

But with staff augmentation, you can get a new outlook by getting a diverse set of professionals. It will give you the ability to propel your current operations by implementing new ideas.

  1. Boosted Flexibility

The ability to hire a short-term worker for the projects you need help with can save you both time and money. Since you’ll only have to pay for the time worked, using a staff augmentation service can cut your employee costs – and you won’t have to worry about downtime or finding things for a full-time employee to do when no work is available.

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