Choosing A Nearshore Development Partner

Gimena Aguerreberry
July 14, 2021

Demand for software is at an all-time high and growing every year, putting pressure on organizations to innovate with functional, reliable applications that deliver on business objectives. Against this backdrop, an increasing number of organizations in the United States are discovering the benefits of outsourcing software development to third-party providers.

For years, expanding in-house software development capabilities was relegated to offshore software development agencies. In the pre-Agile development model using what was known as the waterfall approach, where all requirements were known and defined in advance, this model was effective.

But in a world where iteration is the key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage and improving efficacy, Agile development offshoring can struggle to meet the clients’ needs. Waiting until morning for delivery from a vendor can cause delays when garnering requirement clarifications and addressing blockers.

Nearshore software outsourcing offers companies the opportunity to work with a partner that can effectively optimize their software development methodologies, while simultaneously creating a positive impact that allows them to keep evolving.

Why is a nearshore software development partner a better option?

Nearshore outsourcing refers to development teams closer to North America. These proximities allow for distributed teams to meet via video calls daily for daily stand-ups, live code reviews, and other stakeholder meetings.

Why Consider Nearshore Development?

For companies based in the United States, nearshore software development companies are attractive for several reasons. The most impactful and well-known benefits are:

  • Access to world-class engineering talent

  • Time zone alignment

  • Deep cultural affinity with the U.S.

  • An attractive price point, in comparison to domestic providers

  • Added-value partnerships

Tips for Choosing A Nearshore Development Partner

Choosing a great nearshore software development partner can be daunting, as there are so many options to choose from and many considerations to be made during the selection process.

This checklist includes the essential tasks that will help single out the most compatible, professional, and reliable potential partner.

1. Price Isn’t Everything

If your project is key to your business, don't go for price alone when selecting a partner. Sure, a vendor's price is important, but it should be much lower on the priority list than their track record of developing high-quality products. The long-term benefits of great software are far more impactful than the initial asking price.

The long-term gains that come from trusted, professional nearshore partners are far more attractive than a low price point. Today's nearshore vendors provide a cost-effective development process and innovation that can bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and cultural perspective to the table.

2. Are they big enough to scale, but small enough to care?

An ideal nearshore partner should be large enough to scale and support your business as it grows. Because the industry is booming, new outsourcing companies are launching every day. Many of them are still growing and may lack the resources necessary to support your team’s efficiency.

At the same time, your outsourcing partner shouldn’t be too big. Larger companies often have less time to spend getting to know the unique and individual needs of each of their clients. You’ll want to partner with a development team that will act as an extension of your own. That closeness requires partners to gain a deep understanding of your company’s mission, customers, and goals.

3. Do They Follow an Agile Development Model?

Agile breaks software and app development projects into smaller functionalities, or "stories." Stories are then organized on a central storyboard before the IT team tackles each functionality (one at a time) in order of priority.

Unlike outdated development models that can take a year or more to start delivering a return on investment, Agile’s bite-sized deliverables mean you’ll get to market sooner and start generating profits right away.

Bottom line, if a company isn’t using Agile, your best bet is to keep looking.

  1. Remember the Needs of Your Own Teams

Nearshore outsourcing projects companies are there to make life easier for your team by providing skilled professionals as a valuable extension to that team. Engineers are in high demand all over the world, so it's important to keep your employees happy with the nearshore outsourcing partnership to prevent the risk of them migrating to other companies.

There is often a misunderstanding that outsourced partners are brought on to replace employees with cheaper labor, but the truth is they are all about augmenting and supporting existing teams.

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